Thanks to T-Systems Malaysia for The most valuable Company Award rewarded to Me.

Thanks to Microsoft for The most prestigious Award rewarded to Me and recognized me as MVP(Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)


Thanks to New York Life Insurance USA for Certificate of Appreciation with "Top Performance Award" rewarded to Me.

Thanks to TCS USA  for Certificate of Appreciation with "TCS Gems On the Spot" rewarded to Me.


  1. Sekhar@Architect Sharepoint

    I know Anil Avula almost four years.Anil is very gentle and very hardworking person.I always feel good to work very close to him because he is very cool and show Dedication towards work.He always comes ahead as a good human being in all circumstances.One more good thing,He is consistently pleasant and tackles everything with dedication and smile.

  2. Bala Govindan-Manager IT - I have known Anil as a SharePoint Level 2 and 3 service provider to CIT internal clients.Anil has shown a great sense of urgency and resourcefulness related to problem resolution and SharePoint service provisioning.You will find Anil a beneficial human resource on your IT Service Management team.

  3. Pramod-Analyst Sharepoint

    I worked very closely with him during beginning of my SharePoint career. That time the issues were unique, complex and time consuming with very little or no help available from outside world. It was frustrating at times but Anil was always calm and pursued every issue till end. Dedication towards work and helpful nature are his most prominent qualities. Assign him a task & consider it done.Finally Congrates For your success In SharePoint world and Rewards.All the best.


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