Monday, November 11, 2013

Detailed SharePoint 2013 Installation

Detailed SharePoint 2013 Installation:

 I Installed SharePoint 2013 for one of our projects recently, so thought to share the steps For the SharePoint Bee who is looking to install. I faced some difficulties while installing Pre-requisites and the SharePoint. I clearly mentioned those Difficulties and the Resolutions in Same Blog under different Articles.
·    Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit with service pack or Windows Server 2012
·    SQL Server 2008R2 or SQL Server 2012
·    Windows Identity Foundation v1.1
·    Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client
·    Microsoft WCF Data Services
·    Windows Management Framework 3.0
·    Application Server Role
·    Web Server (IIS) Role
·    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
·    Update for the .NET Framework 4 (KB2468871)
·    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client
·    Windows Identity Foundation (KB974405)
·    Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 (x64)
·    Windows Server AppFabric
NOTE: I have alreday Included details where to download the Pre-requites:

1. Download and unzip the files ISO file the SharePoint Server 2013 setup.

2. Way to install Prerequisite: Run the setup file and you will get a link 'Install Software Prerequisites '.Or you can click on Prerequisite icon within ISO file

 3. Server will be restarted at the time of prerequisites installation. After installation you will view below screen and click Finish.

4. After prerequisites installation starts the setup file again and Click on the 'install SharePoint Server’.

After that 'Enter your Product Key ' option will appear and click on Continue.

5. Now click on the check box to Accept Terms of agreement and click continue to move on the next screen

6. Installation server type will be appear to you, now have to choose one between installing either completely or Stand-Alone. Select one of the types and click on Install Now.

7. Once the installation is complete, you can choose to run the Configuration Wizard as shown below. Now you Configuration Wizard screen will appear, click Close to continue.

8. Now welcome screen will be appear click next to continue

9. After that a warning message may be viewable that make you update that at time of configuration listed service will restart or not.

10. If you already have any server farm then click 'Connect to an existing server farm' or click on 'Create a new server farm'

11.Specify your configuration database settings and enter the DOMAIN\farm account credentials.
12. Specify the Farm Passphrase which was first introduced in SharePoint 2010. This passphrase is important and will be required for future installs of SharePoint 2013 when configured in the same farm.

13. Here specify an port number.

14. Now click on next

15. it should go right through to the end without any errors and you will finally be greeted with the successful screen.
16. Central Administration will launch automatically and you will be greeted with the Initial Farm Configuration page

17. Now you can have option to start the wizard to configure the service applications or click cancel. For configuring the service applications separately in future articles click cancel.

18. Finally now we go to Central Administration:

Please Comment if You need Any Help or Struck in between Installation.I Am Happy to Help!!!!!