Monday, July 7, 2014

How to find the Correlation ID error

How to find the Correlation ID error

             Correlation ID Error

One frustrating error SharePoint users will occasionally experience is the  'red X' with a cryptic correlation ID error. The SharePoint Administrator must perform the task of looking through the logs to find the cause of the error.

there was a command that will search the log files for the correlation ID.  

The command Merge-SPlogfile will automatically search the logs for the error ID. the command will search ALL the servers in the farm and place a log file on the server that you will run the command.  Here is an example of the  Merge-SPlogfile command:

Merge-SPLogFile –Path –Correlation <Guid>
(I run the command like this using the Correlation Id from sample error above.)

Merge-SPlogfile –Path c:\log.log –Correlation ba05e237-0680-403a-b9f6-e49f96ac55d4
(That will place a .log file on the C drive of the server which will only contain errors with the correlation ID.)


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