Monday, March 24, 2014

Installation of SQL server 2012

Installation of SQL server 2012

I am providing the step-by-step instructions in this article on how to install SQL server 2012 with a Single Instance on a windows server 2012.

·        Run setup.exe

·        Click on Installation
·        Click on New SQL server stand alone or add feature to an existing installation

·        Rule check in progress will start, Click OK once done

·        Enter the product key, click Next

·        Accept the License agreement, click next
·        Install setup files will start

·        Setup support rules will start, click next
·        Select SQL server feature installation, Click next

·        Select the Instance Features as you required, Change the directory of the Features if required,Select the Management tools on botom to open the SQL in management studio. click next

·        Click next
·        Select Named Instance, If you want to create Instance or else select Default Instance, click next

·        Disk space requirements checks starts, Click next
·        Once the credentials provided, click next

·        Click on ADD current user and check the Data Directories, click next

·        Click next on Error reporting
·        Click next on installation configuration Rules
·        Click Install

·         Click Close once the installation done.

How to open SQL:

·        Go to Search->type->SQL

·        Click On SQL server Management studio
·        Open a POP up with server name and Instance, click Connect

·        You can able to connect the Instance.

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