Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Business Intelligence Enhancements in SharePoint 2013

 Business Intelligence Enhancements in SharePoint 2013

Power Pivot: Introduced in SharePoint 2010, Power Pivot now offers deeper integration with Excel Services, giving users the ability to create relationships between data from different sources. This allows users to view complex data in a more refined, normalized form.
Power View: Excel Services 2013 takes better advantage of the new Microsoft data modeling and visualization engine that sits a top the SQL Server Reporting Services add-in to SharePoint.
Business Connectivity Services: Users can now connect diagrams directly to external data, opening a wealth of opportunities for user-driven data displays. Because SharePoint can provide and control access to key data, administrators can easily share data sources through the SharePoint interface.
Dashboard Designer: Tool to define data sources and regions on a page to hold such artifacts as filters, grids, charts and graphs. With the push of a button, it creates Web Part Pages and connected Web Parts that represent the dashboard.
Ipad Interface: The iPad is now a first-class client to Performance Point dashboards, meaning executives using the popular tablet can now access Performance Point dashboards using the interactive form factor, including ability to use touch intuitively and effectively.

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