Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not able to “Uninstall SharePoint foundation 2013 from control panel and Boot Strap Error

   Not able to “Uninstall SharePoint foundation 2013 from control panel and Boot Strap 

    Back Ground: Initially ,I installed foundation of sharepoint-2013 in my test lab. As you all know there are so many features not available on Foundation version. After working some days on foundation, thought to migrate version to SharePoint server 2013.When I run the SharePoint server Version, It gives the Error Trial edition and licensed editions of Sharepoint, Project server, and Office Web Apps products may not be installed on the same server”. It’s Expected because SharePoint foundation consider to be Licensed and SharePoint Server 2013 is Trail version for 180 days. So, thought to Uninstall the SharePoint Foundation. When I try to remove From Control panel “Nothing is working” Meaning Not able to Un-Install. I didn’t see any Events in Evntvwr. I tried to Remove by running the Foundation .EXE, But it failed with the “Boot Strap Error”.After Digging alot and doing  Analysation I found the cause For this.


   Cause: While In the Trouble shooting process, I removed the below Registry entries Belongs to the “SharePoint Foundation “Below Are the Names of Registries and the path of registry.Thank God,I took backup of theese Registies.


1.      00005109011100000100000000F01FEC

2.      00005109080190400100000000F01FEC

3.      00005109410100000100000000F01FEC

4.      00005109510190400100000000F01FEC

5.      00005109851190400100000000F01FEC

    Resolution: Once I Restored back All the Above 5 Registries. Everything should work as normal. I can remove SharePoint foundation By Control panel.  

when I run the "Install SharePoint Foundation .Exe, It work without the “Boot Strap Error.

  •  Note:To restore back the Registers Just Double click on the Back up of Registry and say Yes to continue.It will be restored the same Path where Its originally located.
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