Monday, November 25, 2013

Why 14 Hive folder still Exist for SharePoint 2013

   Why 14 Hive folder still Exist for SharePoint 2013 :

After, I installed Sharepoint-2013 on my test lab. When I am playing it with. I am confuse by Seeing 14 Hive Folder in below path. I expect it should only 15 Hive But still showing 14 Hive including 15 Hive.why?


·         That, SharePoint 2013 has a SharePoint 2010 mode. meaning, there is a 14 hive that gets installed when the setup and configuration is complete. After installing SP2013 it will create both 14 & 15 hive folders (its normal). 
·         In SharePoint 2013 it’s possible to install both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 solutions, which is supported by having two folders – one for the Sp2010 (“14) hive files and one for the SP 2013 (“15) hive files

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