Friday, April 17, 2015

Upgrade from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.

Upgrade from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.

I am providing the steps in the article on how to upgrade the MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.As we all know we can’t directly upgrade it, it should follow the two stage process like below.

MOSS 2007->SharePoint 2010->SharePoint 2013.

Details of Two stage Upgrade:

Upgrade process: Please follow the below steps to upgrade Data from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.

1.   Run the Pre-upgrade Check on the Content DBs in 2007, Fix all the issues and clean up the things.
2.   Build  SP2010 Farm(you cannt migrate directly from 2007 to 2013 without 3rdparty tool).
3.   Now use the SQL backup of Content DBs in 2007
4.   Restore the DBs in 2010 SQl
5.   Now test in 2010 and fix any potential issues.
6.   Copy the database back up file to the SQL server
7.   Create databases with the same names that 2010 content databases used
8.   Restore the content databases in the SQL Management Studio
9.   Create the corresponding Web Applications in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration site
10.         Mount-spcontentdatabase

White Paper on Upgrade:

I hope the above information will help you to resolve the issue, in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.