Thursday, January 16, 2014

Configuring the Excel Services Service Application in SharePoint 2013

Configuring the Excel Services Service Application in SharePoint 2013

The following steps describe how to create the Excel Services service application

1.    Log onto your SharePoint box as the Farm account.
2.    Open SharePoint Central Administration, and then select Manage service applications under the Application Management heading.
3.    From the Manage service applications screen, click the New button in the Ribbon. From the menu, select Excel Services Application.

4.    For Name, enter Excel Services.

5.    Scroll down to Application Pool and select “Use existing application pool.”
6.    From the drop-down, select Default SharePoint Service App Pool.
7.    Leave the default of “Add this service application’s proxy to the farm’s default proxy list.”
8.    Click OK at the bottom of the page.

 To start the service application

10. From the left-hand menu, click Application Management.
11. Under the Service Applications section, click “Manage services on server.”
12. Find Excel Calculation Services and click Start to the right of it.
13. The Excel Services service application is now up and running, configured for SharePoint Users
14. should now be able to upload basic workbooks and view them inside of SharePoint.

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