Thursday, August 12, 2021

Some Important Differences in SharePoint must Know:

Differences Between auto Hosted, Provider Hosted and SharePoint Hosted Apps

  • Auto hosted apps for SharePoint are cloud-hosted apps.
  •  Provide hosted apps include components that are deployed and hosted outside the SharePoint farm.
  • SharePoint hosted apps are hosted either on an on-premises or Office 365 SharePoint farm.
CU, Hotfix and Service Pack:

  • A hotfix fixes a single and specific issue  
  • A cumulative update is a rollup of several hotfixes 
  • service pack is a rollup of several cumulative updates, 
Classic Mode and Claims Mode authentication:

classic-mode: SharePoint uses the Windows identity of the user directly. 

claims-mode: SharePoint converts the Windows identity into a claims-based identity token that it can pass to other services as appropriate.

ULS Log and correlation ID :

The Unified Logging Service (ULS) writes SharePoint Foundation events to the SharePoint Trace Log, and stores them in the file system. 

The correlation ID is not an error number or code. Simply, it's a GUID (globally unique identifier) that's automatically generated for every request that the SharePoint server receives. The correlation ID is meant to be used to help a SharePoint Admin trace what was happening at the time of an error

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