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Changing of the Logo on Your SharePoint 2013 Site

Changing of the Logo on Your SharePoint 2013 Site 

Sometimes, As per the requirement by the customer we need to change the Logo, favicon Image, Site Image. In this article I am providing the steps how to achieve them. 

To change the Header image on your SharePoint Site: 

1.    Login to your SharePoint Site   

2.    On the right, click the gear icon and then click Site Settings 

3.    Under Look and Feel click Title, Description, and Logo 
4.    Under Insert Logo, place the URL of your logo and click OK 

Note: You may need to upload your image to a library before doing this 

To change Site Image for your SharePoint Site:  

5.    Login to your SharePoint Site  
6.    On the top right, click Edit (you should enter Edit mode) 
7.    Click the Image you wish to replace, (or alternately add) 
8.    Click the Image tab at the top of the screen 
9.    In the Address field, type the URL of the image

Now you have put your logo onto your site and replaced or added the images you wanted. 

To change Favicon Image for your SharePoint Site:
  1. Login to your Web Front End SharePoint Server
  2. Upload an image to a file location and remember the location
  3. Open the site in SharePoint Designer
  4. Locate your masterpage.html file and click Edit, (you may also need to switch to code view)
  5. Find the following line and update the highlighted section to the location of the new image
  1. You will need to “publish a major version” after making this change.

I hope the above information will help you to resolve the issue, in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.

File is locked for editing by ‘domain\username' when editing office document in SharePoint site

File is locked for editing by ‘domain\username' when editing office document in SharePoint site.


Issue: Sometimes, when we try to edit a document uploaded on SharePoint, we get a file locked error: “File is locked for editing by ‘domain\username’ “, even though the file has been checked in and no one else is editing the file 

Cause: Usually a file is locked by WSS when a particular user has ‘checked out’ the file for editing purposes. A write lock is created so that no other user can edit this file simultaneously. There can be numerous reasons for this such as. below are the some of the reasons.
1.    System crashes while the file is still open.

2.    File has been closed unexpectedly.

3.    Check in was not successful.

4.    Network connection is lost while file is still open.

Ensure to check the below to resolve the issue.

1.    Check whether the file has been properly checked in or not. If not, refresh the page and try to check in the file again.

2.    Delete the local copy of the file present in the cache folder of the concerned user account (access to user’s PC required).

3.    Close all the instances of file type opened in the system. E.g. if the file type is excel, then close all the excel files currently opened.

4.    Also kill the file type service (excel in this case) using the task manager.

Solution: Please follow the below mentioned resolutions if issue still exists.

1.    Download  the wsp from the below mentioned site.
2.    Upload it to the site collection solution gallery
3.    Activate the solution from solution gallery
4.    Activate the solution at the site collection level
5.    Add the web part named as “spfileunlock” to any page and Try to check the issue again.

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