Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Auto forward Emails from Outlook to SharePoint Document Library:

Before in My earlier Organization, we wanted to auto forward outlook emails to one of SharePoint document library. I followed the below steps to achieve this.

Ø  Make sure Target Doc Lib contains Email address and it’s working
Ø  Then go to Outlook and click on New > Contact
Ø  Add Email address of that document library into the Outlook Contacts.
Ø  Save it and now create a rule from Outlook > Tools > Rules and Alerts > New Rule
Ø  Select “Start from a blank rule” option.
Ø  Select Check messages when they arrive > Next
Ø  Select “Condition” for which you want to forward emails to Doc Lib in step 2.
Ø  Then select action “forwards it to people or distribution list” and click on people or distribution list
Ø  Select “Outlook Address book” from Address Book drop down and you will getSharePoint Document Library email address as a contact > Add it
Ø  Click on Next > Finish
   Ø  Now send an email with that condition to check rule.

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