Friday, November 8, 2013

Windows Server AppFabric is not correctly configured. You Should uninstall Windows server AppFabric and reinstall it using the SharePoint Products Preparation tool.

Windows Server AppFabric is not correctly configured. You Should uninstall Windows server AppFabric and reinstall it using the SharePoint Products Preparation tool.

     Cause: The install software prerequisite passes\implement specific parameters to the AppFabric installation. which are not done if we run the AppFabric set up manually. So Let Tool install APP fabric to set up properly.

          Resolution: Let SharePoint Products Preparation tool  install APP fabric to set up properly.

  1.                     Click on Install Software Prerequisites.                                               

               After  Running the Prerequisite By Preparation tool, it was successful.

    Note: The Internet Access should need to have to server to Run by Product preparation tool.

There were many ways to resolve the issue.Please check the solutions from below. 

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  1. Hi Anil,I tried manually many times but It failed and not installed properly.I followed the Article and did able to install and succesfully started working.thanks man

  2. hi anil.i did manuall installation,no luck.i followed the instructions in article.thanks for post

  3. Thanks man.this resolved my issues and saved lot of my time

  4. Thanks anil..its very simple but valuable post

  5. This worked perfect

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  9. When installing Software Prerequisites from an DVD of of SharePoint Server 2013 Evaluation prompts an error of extraction files failed. Is there another way to work around?

  10. HI,It seems that the files are corrupted or the DVD is not working.Please download the files in to the server and install.Check link below that provides details of instructions.


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