Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Enable the convert License type option Under Upgrade and Migration.

  How to Enable the “Convert License type” option Under Upgrade and Migration.

  Issue: “Convert License type” is grayed out

 Background: Initially ,I installed foundation of sharepoint-2013 in my test lab. As you all know there are so many features not available on Foundation version. After working some days on foundation, thought to migrate version to SharePoint server 2013.When I try to Install server version giving the Error . As per the experts advise trying to make My standard foundation edition to enterprise. When I check the option it should be in disable state. After digging much time, found way to do so.

  How to Over Come: Follow the below steps to overcome and enter License .
·        Get your IE developer tool out, and point it to the disabled input box. You can do that pressing F12 key on the page of convert license type. Point to the html code that disabled input box.Search for Disable.                                 

·        Now you can have the line highlighted.  disabled=”disabled”. Let’s change it to trick the page.

·        I changed the name “disabled” to something as per below.             

·        Note: Once changed Directly go to “convert License page”.dont refresh the page.
·        Now I can input my Enterprise license key to the box.  OK button is still disabled. do the same below Ok like"changed the name “disabled” to something.
·        After Ok button is enabled, click on it, the feature for Enterprise CAL now can be unlocked without any problem.
         this is a quick way to have a workaround.
Note: this is not for production use.

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