Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SharePoint Licensing

 SharePoint Licensing:
 I post this simple Article in a very Understandable manner, because, I have Many unclear things on License part of SharePoint before. After I dig in Google and talking with Experts, I have a clear mind about License’s. Sharing this with who still not clear on Licensing part.



As most know, starting with the 2007 version of SharePoint, the product is available in three editions. In the 2010 version of SharePoint, those three are SharePoint Foundation, Server Standard, and Server Enterprise.  I think most people know that the Foundation edition of SharePoint does not require any additional license purchase other than Windows Server licenses and Windows Server CALs.  

 The Server Standard edition is not free.  It requires one server license for each server in the SharePoint farm.  It also requires SharePoint users to have a Server Standard Client Access License (CAL).  Both of these licenses are sold through Microsoft Volume Licensing and its volume licensing partners.

The Server Enterprise edition requires one server license for each server in the SharePoint farm, and this server license is the same license that is required for a Server Standard farm. There is no distinction between server licenses for a Standard farm vs. an Enterprise farm.  There is a distinction between the two editions for the user CAL.  To use the Enterprise edition your users need BOTH a Server Standard CAL and a Server Enterprise CAL.

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