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Upgrade from SharePoint Foundation 2013 to SharePoint Server 2013

 Upgrade from SharePoint Foundation 2013 to SharePoint Server 2013

Initially ,I installed foundation of sharepoint-2013 in my test lab. As you all know there are so many features not available on Foundation version. After working some days on foundation, thought to migrate version to SharePoint server 2013.Many of the people Think to do so. Sharing this Article who looking for the process to do same.

Note:  No  need of Uninstall SharePoint Foundation binaries from server, We can Upgrade SharePoint server on Top of SharePoint Foundation. Please find the below exceptions possible.

·        Upgrade from  SharePoint foundation 2013 to SharePoint server 2013 Trail->
cannot Do on Top, First remove Foundation binaries and install server binaries only. we get the below Error, if we try to do on Top of foundation will get the Error of screen below"  “Trial edition and licensed editions of Sharepoint, Project server, and Office Web Apps products may not be installed on the same server”                      

·         Upgrade from SharePoint Foundation 2013 to SharePoint server 2013 standard\Enterprise-> can do Directly on top without foundation binaries uninstall.
     Follow the below steps to do so.

·   Assume, You have already installed SharePoint foundation.

·    Download the SharePoint server 2013 software from below link. Key already included in the same.

·   double click Click on the SharePoint server 2013 Setup file.

·  Click on Install SharePoint server. It will prompt for Product Key. provide the Key which is already mentioned in MSO site.

·  Click on Continue.
· Accept the Terms of this agreement and continue.
·      Choose The Server type as per the requirement
·  Change the File Location if Necessary.

 · Once selected Server  type and location, click install now.binaries will get install

· Products and wizard will starts to run.

·         Click on Close.
·         Click on next and Yes to the Warning


· Click on “create a new server farm” if its new Config.want to connect to the Existing farm click on “connect to an existing server farm”provide the details.


·Provide the Paraphrase, This Phase will be used to connect another servers in farm.


·    Click Next.

·    Specify Port number, Click next 

·     Once the Wizard Runs successfully, will see the screen Finish 


·         Once Finish done, The Central Admin will open.

Note: installing SharePoint Server 2013 on top of an existing SharePoint Foundation 2013 farm is not supported BY MS(

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  1. This goes against MS recommendations and can result in a partially functioning Sharepoint system:

  2. HI Ade,Appreciate the information provided.This helps to share point community.

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