Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unable to create the new search service application in SharePoint 2013

  Error creating new search service application in SharePoint 2013

 Sorry something went wrong, unable to create the new search service application.         
   Issue Details:
·        An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: An object of the type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPIisWebServiceApplicationPool named "Search Service Application 1" already exists under the parent Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPIisWebServiceSettings named "SharePoint Web Services".  Rename your object or delete the existing object.

                      Technical Details
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                       Correlation ID: 0b7e5f9c-a8bc-c066-02a7-4f9923b0ae03
·        If you fill in the same application pool name for both the Search Admin Web Service and the Search Query and Site Settings Web Service and this application pool doesn't already exist yet, you will see this error, because it tries to create the application pool with that name twice while provisioning the service app 

·       Use different application pools for the Search Admin Web Service, Search Query and Site Settings Web Service


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