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Operations started by an earlier run of the farm configuration wizard are still in progress

Operations started by an earlier run of the farm configuration wizard are still in progress

“Operations started by an earlier run of the Farm Configuration Wizard are still in progress. You must wait for those operations to complete before running the wizard again. You can monitor the status of these operations by looking at the “Farm Configuration Wizard” timer job on the Timer Job Status page in the Monitoring section of Central Administration.”
If we click on “Launch the Farm configuration wizard” in central administration will see the error                               


Cause: This issue will occur some times when we try to open the central administration after running the PSConfig.exe completes. The reason behind this is After the PSConfig completes, still  there are some tasks that are running. We can wait for some time or we can close the existing browser and open Central admin in another browser to work. If still not work, then follow the below steps to avoid the error.

If you want to avoid the error message you will need to delete the Job Definition for the Farm Configuration Wizard.

1.    Go to – Central Administration > Monitoring > Review Job Definitions

2.    Find the “Farm configuration wizard” job definition
3.    Click on the job, you can see the below screen. Delete the job by clicking on delete option   

4.    Do IISRESET if required

5.    Once delete the job you can see the Wizard page and you should see the  farm configuration wizard

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