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SharePoint Up gradation(Moss2007->sharepoint2010-> sharepoint2013)

SharePoint Up gradation(Moss2007->sharepoint2010-> sharepoint2013)                  

I am giving my personal views as per my experience on up gradation of SharePoint. If anyone has any concerns please make a comment.

Initially, we cannot directly Upgrade from Moss 2007 to SharePoint 2013.we must follow the 2 stage Upgrade process here. which means, we must upgrade MOSS 2007->SharePoint 2010 first and then SharePoint 2010->SharePoint 2013 only.

we must consider so many factors for upgrade. From SharePoint 2010->SharePoint 2013 it must be through data base attach method only. The In place upgrade method is deprecated in SharePoint 2013.We must build a new SharePoint 2013 farm for Upgrade from SharePoint 2010.providing the steps below for a single web application as in brief. We need to follow the same steps for other web applications as well to perform the upgrade.

We must take care of below before doing the up gradation.

Site templates, web parts, site themes, workflows, web templates, site definitions….

We can only do upgrade in below order only. we can’t do upgrade directly from different versions of SharePoint.

SharePoint foundation 2010 -> SharePoint foundation 2013
SharePoint server 2010-> SharePoint server 2013
SharePoint enterprise 2010-> SharePoint enterprise 2013

SharePoint, project server enterprise 2010-> SharePoint, project server enterprise 2013

There is another issue also while we upgrade the site from SP 2010->SP 2013,It should be authentication issue. Classic authentication method is deprecated in SP 2013. So to upgrade site from SP 2010->SP2013 which is created with Classic authentication in SP2010, first need to change the authentication from Classic->Claims and then upgrade in SP 2013.

1.   Build a new SharePoint 2013 farm first

2.   Go to SQL Server and take backup of the content database and restore it into your new SQL server.
3.   Create new web application and site collection in SP2013.
4.   Now remove the content database for the newly created  web application in SharePoint 2013.Follow below to do
·        Go to central Administrator
·        Click on Application Management and then
·        click on content database => Manage Content database
·        Then select the newly created web application URL in sp 2013
·        Click on the database which is on the left side.
·        Then go to remove content database part and check the checkbox then it will prompt you popup there click on then again ok button.
5.   Now test whether the web application still having relation with the content database by using the following command.
Test-SPContentDatabase-Name "name of content database"-webapplication "URL of webapplication".
6.   Now go to SQL server and delete the database related to SP 2013 manually
7.   Now restore the 2010 content data base manually.
8.   Now we need to attach the restored content database  by using following command.
Mount-SpContentDatabase-Name "Database name"-webapplication "URL of webapplication".
9.   Now we can get following error like “Upgrade completed with following errors".
10.           Finally Migration has been completed successfully

For Service Applications: we only can upgrade below 6 service applications from SP 2010->SP 2013

·        User profile
·        Managed meta data
·        BDC
·        Search
·        Performance point
·        Secure store

There is another process to upgrade service applications. We should run by power shell. 

2007 needs to be patched at SP3 to upgrade to 2010.

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