Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We don’t have any refiners to show you

We don’t have any refiners to show you
 Issue: while we search for something in search centre, we can get the results but, it shows error” We don’t have any refiners to show you” or a “white space on left side of search centre”

Cause: This is due to the refinement web part is not added on search page or settings are not configured properly.There would be many other reasons this is one of those.

Solution: follow the below steps to add web part and configure settings.

1.   Open the search centre web page
2.   Go to site settings->edit page

3.   Click on Add web part         
4.   Go to search in categories and select Refinement and click ADD      

5.   The web part will be added                           
6.   Go to Edit web part and select Choose Refiners option.

7.   Click on Choose refiners to select the Refiners.

8.   Click OK once selected and go back to Search and check the output.             

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  1. Thank you very much anil.this saved lots lots of my effort and time.Keep Good work

  2. thanks for great post anil


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