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June CU-2014 Detailed Installation guide for sharepoint 2010

June CU-2014 Detailed Installation guide for sharepoint 2010

Pre-requisites :
Ensure backup is already done to farm and databases.

Installation Steps:

1.    Download the binaries from the below location
              SharePoint Server 2010 - KB2880972
Note: Two files must copy and both in same Location.(.Exe and CAB) 

2.    Right click and “Run as administrator” on the “ubersrv2010-kb2880972-fullfile-x64-glb” file to start the installation.

3.    Check the “Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms” and hit “Continue”

A window will prompt and wait

Extracting in progress, This take some time

please wait while the update is installed.



Please Click on “No” if get prompted to reboot the server.

NOTE:, you may check in CA >system settings-> Manage Servers in this farm. You will see the status is now under  “Upgrade Block” for Multi server farm.If its a standalone server,You see directly upgrade available.


Installation Required : The server still not yet install with the same CU that already installed in other servers in multi server farm.

Upgrade Blocked : The server is blocked from upgrade. Server is install with latest CU and it will remained blocked until all the SP servers in the farm are installed with the same version.

Repeat installation of Step above in other SP Servers. (App servers then follow by WFE servers)

NOTE: After CU is installed to all servers and rebooted. The status would change to “Upgrade Available”

Run the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard in CA server.            

Click “Next” to the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard window.
Click “Yes” to continue
Click “Next to Continue
Configuration in progress
Upgrade completed, click “Finish” to end.

Verify on the installation.
a.    Check SP version in central admin:
                                          i.    CA > Under “System Settings” > Select “Manage Servers in this Farms” > Ensure the version has change to “14.0.7125.5000”or 14.0.7125.5002.

Check SP servers control panel:
Control Panel > Programs and features > at left pane, click on “ View installed Updates” > Ensure “kb2880972” is in the list.


b.    Check in SP power shell:
                                          i.    Open the SharePoint 2010 Management shell

                                         ii.    Type the following:
1.    (get-spfarm).buildversion
2.    Ensure it shows something like 14 0 7125 5000 or 14.0.7125.5002



I hope the above information will help you to resolve the issue, in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.

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