Thursday, August 14, 2014

Command to create and delete subsites

Command to create and delete subsites

Create site: The New-Sp Web cmdlet creates a new site in the existing site collection specified by the Url parameter. You can create a site with a specific default language by specifying the Language parameter. If no language is specified, the site is created with the same language that was specified when the product was installed. You can create a site from a specific template by specifying the Template parameter. If no template is specified, the site is created and the template can be provided later or by the first user to log on
New-SPWeb http://expertsharepoint/subweb1 -Template "STS#0"

Delete site: Deleting the top level Web site of a site collection causes the entire site collection to be removed

Remove-SPWeb http://expertsharepoint/subsite

Templates: You can find all the templates below.

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