Friday, July 21, 2017

Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2016

Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2016:

The below Article which will Explain the features which are Exist in SharePoint 2013 and deprecated in SharePoint 2016.
SharePoint Foundation:

SharePoint Foundation has been included in all previous versions and stands as the free, slightly cut-down version of SharePoint. All of the core functionality for this is now built directly into the core SharePoint product, so this is now no longer available
Stand-Alone Installation

Due to this change and update, the idea of a "stand-alone" installation is not supported as it has been with other builds. If you want to create a self-contained development or test environment, then simply choose the “Single Server Farm” role during installation. You will, however, should ensure that everything else you need, such as SQL, is already installed and configured.

Forefront Identity Manager Client (FIM)

In previous versions of SharePoint, Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Client was used to synchronize between Active Directory and SharePoint. The new release of SharePoint does not use it at all. The standard way of importing users now is via Active Directory Import. You can still use third-party products, as well as the new Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 version.

Excel Services in SharePoint

In SharePoint 2016, Excel Services and its associated business intelligence capabilities have been removed. The Excel Services piece has moved into a new Office Web Apps product, Office Online Server, which is now in preview. Not only has functionality been moved, but certain features have been completely deprecated. These items include Excel Services PowerShell commands, Trusted Data Providers, File Locations and Data Connection Libraries. Feature such as Viewing and Editing Excel data in the browser now requires the new Office Online Server.

Tags and Notes

This feature is completely deprecated for SharePoint 2016. You will no longer be able to create new tags or notes, or even access existing ones. Microsoft has, however, documented how you can archive existing notes.


Finally, we are seeing the demise of “stsadm.exe”, in all fairness we should have been using PowerShell instead for everything possible for the past couple of versions. Even though it is deprecated it is still there for those backwards compatibility moments that will of course appear as 

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