Monday, July 10, 2017

NO down time Required to Patch SharePoint Server 2016

NO down time Required to Patch SharePoint Server 2016

Zero downtime patching is a method of patching and upgrade developed in SharePoint Online. It was made to let administrators patch the service at the same time as users kept using their subscriptions. In other words, this tested method is designed to allow patching while people actively work with their files, and search crawls and renders results, on the SharePoint Server farm. That’s what’s meant by ‘zero down time’.

A couple of things to note as we discuss ZDP (we’ll talk about these elements later in the article).

  • Your ZDP experience could be enhanced by using MinRole in SharePoint Server 2016, but MinRole is not a requirement.
  • Your farm must leverage high availability (HA) to reap the benefits of ZDP. A highly available SharePoint Server 2016 farm is a requirement for ZDP.

It’s important to remember that the goal of ZDP is uptime for your users, so, in this article, all the decisions involved in patching and rebooting your farm will be made with that bias in mind.

Please click on the Link from MS which will explain more in details of the procedures and the steps.

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