Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SharePoint server 2016 Site collection Upgrade.

SharePoint server 2016 Site collection Upgrade.

SharePoint Server 2016 introduces a new site collection upgrade experience. There are three ways to upgrade a site collection:

  • In conjunction with content databases upgrade
  • On-browse upgrade
  • Manually triggered by using Windows PowerShell
Content databases upgrade:

To upgrade the databases run the Mount-SPContentDatabase cmdlet. After the databases, have been upgraded the site collections are automatically upgraded during database upgrade process by default.
On-browse upgrade:

You do not need to know whether the site collection has pending upgrade, SharePoint decides it for you during the upgrade process. Once the site is browsed, SharePoint checks if the site needs to be upgraded, if so, the site will be put in a queue and a timer job will pick it up for upgrade.

Farm administrators can use Windows PowerShell to upgrade a site collection.
Manually trigger site upgrade:

 You can use the Upgrade-SPSite cmdlet to manually upgrade the site collection

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