Friday, October 28, 2022

interview questions on sharepoint migration and interview questions for sharegate migration

interview questions on sharepoint migration & interview questions for sharegate migration

The below are some of the Important and most commonly Asked questions for the SharePoint Migration in an Interview.

  1. HOw to create info path forms on SPO?
  2. How to create Apps in SPO?
  3. How to map users in SPO?
  4. How to connect SPO site to other sources?
  5. How the users were Mapped?
  6. is infopath available in SPO? 
  7. what are the common issues & difficulties which you got during Migration?
  8. What are the limitations of ShareGate?
  9. what is Insane Mode in Share Gate?
  10. what kind of permissions required in Source and destination site for the Migration?
  11. what is the latest version of ShareGate?
  12. what is delta Migration?
  13. what are the Process for Migration?
  14. what is SGUM file?

I hope the above information will help you to resolve the issue, in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.

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